Bitumen 60/70

penetration of bitumen is between 60 to 70

Made by blowing of hot air to vacuum bottom and as much as heating the raw material bitumen will get hard and penetration will decrease


Road construction, paving and waterproofing also coating

How you buy high quality bitumen 60/70

Quality of bitumen items

Less smell means low sulphur (somebody adding sulphur to bitumen to get weight)

Viscosity in range (Somebody using vacuum resin instead of vacuum bottom and harm quality)

Spot test must be negative (Simple factories heating by direct fire and burning the bitumen)

Packing of bitumen

Bitumen In drum
180 (+/-2.5) Kg New Steel Drum, Original Package, 98cm heright, 50cm diameter, 10cm dip and 1cm lip also 0.6 mm thickness of Drum (Each 20” ft container: 110 Drums)

Bitumen in Jumbo bag
380Kg bag, 63 bag per 20ft container

300Kg bag, 80 bag per 20ft container

1000Kg bag per bag and 20 bags per container

1000Kg bag in steel frame and 20 jumbo per 20ft

Shipping the bitumen in truck tanker

single and double layer tanker and take between 22 to 26MT and carry heating parts to melt the bitumen at destination